[Next Generation] in-ear wireless earbuds Bluetooth 4.1 Dual set stereo audio

[Next Generation] in-ear wireless earbuds Bluetooth 4.1 Dual set stereo audio

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2x ear buds including multiple comfort fit ear pieces 


Next generation ear buds with Bluetooth 4.1 These dual wireless earbuds are New for 2017.  

3-5 hours battery life. 


What's in the box?

Left stereo Audio earbud with microphone 

Right stereo audio earbud with microphone 

3 sets of comfort ear pieces

2 safety sports ear hooks




Using cutting edge lithium ion battery technology these little ear buds can last for 3-5 hours on a single charge. They can be used to play your favourite music or taking phone calls or both! The earbuds will pause your music temporarily while you answer your call with out your phone being close, it even tells you who's calling. 


These brand new wireless earbuds features Bluetooth 4.1 it allows for up to 2 Bluetooth enabled phones to connect at anyone making it very flexible in what you can do. 


If your charging cable is too far away to use conversional headphones these will solve this issue as you can stay connected up to 10 meters away. 


It comes with 3 comfort ear pieces so you can chose what is best for you, they are easy to change. They even come with a sports ear hook so when you are doing more vigorous exercise in the gym, they cannot fall out your ears.   


Pairing is easy, but first time fully charge them this only take 30 minutes. To pair these earbuds to work together. 


Ensure your earbuds have charge, although these earbuds do come and contain a small amount of charge this won't be enough to sustain any amount of use beyond pairing these ear buds.


Hold the centre button on both devices together and at the same time for 7-10 second being sure not to cover the LED light indicator so you can see when it starts flashing from blue to red. 


If you let go of the button to early you will just turn the device on only seeing a red light. If the blue and red light do not flash. Do not panic. Simply hold the buttons together you will see the red light flash once again meaning the device will have turned off. Wait 2 seconds for time for it to turn off and repeat the step above. 


When both earbuds are flashing blue to red open your Bluetooth menu settings and look for the new device T6, you may notice 2 T6 options choose either one. 


It might prompt you for a passcode. If it does enter 0000. Well done your all connect and ready to use them with your phone. 


Click the button to pause music

Double click for voice action

Click to answer phone 

Double click to hang up




Bluetooth 4.1

10 meter range

Compatible with most Bluetooth phones

Pause music

Activate voice search on iPhone or android Siri etc

Answer calls

Very comfortable to wear

Cutting edge Lithium ion battery 



These come in 4 different colours